MiG-29 Flight Programs for Civilians

1. "Edge of Space" Flight & Aerobatics in MiG-29 (40-45 min) – *price on request.

A complex of Flight programs, which includes a Supersonic Flight at an altitude of 18-19 km in Stratosphere, at a speed of over 2000 km/hr (20 minutes), and an aerobatic performance after the MiG29 fighter jet descends to a low altitude, which includes several Aerobatic Maneuvers such as: ”Flying Inverted”, ”Hammer Head”, “Roll”,  “Loop” and etc.

“Edge of Space Flight & Aerobatics in MiG-29” is the most Popular Program among the tourists!

2. Supersonic Aerobatic Flight in MiG-29 (40-45 min) – *price on request.

Flight Program with performance of Aerobatic Maneuvers. During the MiG-29 Flight there will be multiple Aerobatics performed from simple to complex, depending on your health status and wishes (figures, such as “Flying Inverted”, ”Hammer Head”, “Roll”, “Loop” and many other would be executed).

3. Subsonic Aerobatic Flight in MiG-29 (25min) – *price on request.

Flight Program with the performance of Aerobatic Maneuvers. Difference from previous flight program is in the duration of the flight of the MiG 29. It is 25 min Flight and flying at Supersonic speed isn’t included.

Unique Video of Stratosphere from the MiG-29 cockpit Aerobatics & Vertical Take Of in MiG-29
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Price is include:

  1. All preparations, medical commissions and the equipment;
  2. Taxes and fees;
  3. The Permission to access the “Sokol” airbase;
  4. Briefing with pilot before the Flight;
  5. Take off and landing services;
  6. Transfer from the hotel to the airbase and back (for 10 hours);
  7. Transfer from the hotel to the airbase and back (for 10 hours);
  8. Visit to the “Sokol” Plant Aviation Museum;
  9. The MiG-29 flight according to the chosen program;
  10. Visit to an Aviation Museum in Aircraft Plant “Sokol” for 1 person;
  11. Personal Certificate with all the flight parameters;
  12. Registration of the MiG-29 Flight in Pilot Log ( if you have it);
  13. A handmade model representing the MiG-29 aircraft;

Additional options:

1.  Professional Photo and Video of your  MiG 29 Flight (filming all the process of preparation for the  MiG-29 Flight, the takeoff and landing on the MiG 29, the culmination of the Flight Program, editing film and sound processing, and etc .) - With the assistance of a professional camera man – *price on request;

2. A Personal Flight Suit for the MiG-29 Flight and as a souvenir with logos that will remind you of your flying experience and emotions during the MiG-29 Flight (comes in blue or green colors) – *price on request;

3.  HD Helmet camera – which allows you to simultaneously capture the brightest moments of being in the Stratosphere at an altitude of 18-19 km above the Earth - *price on request;

4.  Accommodation and organization of cultural activities in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod (the cost depends on the selected services);

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