About MiG-29 Aircraft

About MiG-29 Aircraft

The massive usage MiG-29 aircraft of Air Forces of USSR started in 1984. The main aim of MiG29 aircraft were to provide air support to coming motorised troops and the stormers.

During the usage, MiG 29 carried out fighting tasks in such international conflicts as MiG-29 was applied by the Soviet Union in the war in Afghanistan, in the Persian Gulf war MiG-29 was in service by the air forces of Iraq, the MiG-29 was applied from the side of Moldova in the conflict in Transnistria, the MiG-29 was applied to the air force Eritrea in the Ethiopian-Eritrean war, the MiG-29 was in service of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the Yugoslav conflict, in Kargilskoy war the Indian MiG-29 was used for bomber escort, MiG-29 of the Russian air forces controlled the air space the territory of the conflict in South Ossetia, in the Darfur conflict the MiG-29 was applied by the Sudanese air forces, in the civil war in Syria MiG-29 used by the Syrian air force as an assault.

From the creation date till the present time there has been released a huge number of MiG 29 modifications to increase opportunities of the aircraft, which was used by the air force of the USSR (later Russia) and were exported to many other countries such as: Azerbaijan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Byelorussia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Israel, India, Iran, Yemen, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, Peru, Poland, Syria, Serbia, Slovakia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Eritrea, Malaysia.

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MiG 29 technical characteristics:

Crew 1 or 2 people, depending on modification;
Body length is 17.32 meters;
Wingspan is 11.36 meters;
Height is 4.73 meters;
Wing area is 38.06 square meters;
Wing sweep angle is 42 degrees;
The mass of the MiG-29 without weapons and fuel is 10900 kg;
Standart takeoff weight is 15180 kg;
The maximum takeoff weight is 18480 kgs;

MiG-29 engine characteristics:

Turbofan with afterburner (model  Klimov RD-33MK);
The maximum thrust of the MiG-29 engine is 2 × 5040 kgs (2 × 8300 kgf in afterburner);
Rejected the thrust vector of possible modifications of the MiG-BT and MiG-35 with the RD-133;
The angles of deflection of the thrust vector: ±15° in any direction;
The possibility of starting the engine during the flight;
Time to dismantle the engine with the participation of 5 aircraft mechanics is 1 hour;

MiG-29 radar:

Allows you to track up to ten air targets and attack the most dangerous of them;
The minimum difference of the speeds of the MiG-29 and goals is 150 km/h;
The attack speed from 230 to 2500 km/h;
The height of attack from 30 to 23000 meters;
The range of target detection at a height of over 3000m is 50-70 kilometers;
The detection range of the helicopter (speed over 180 km/h) in 23 MSAS km, PPP is 17 kilometers;

MiG-29 flight characteristics:

The maximum speed is:

at the ground: 1500 km/h (1,26 the speed of sound);
at altitude: 2,450 km/h (2.3 speed of sound);
Cruising speed: 850 km/h (0.8 of the speed of sound);

Flight range:

With a full tank of fuel is 1430 miles;
With 2 external fuel tanks - 2100 kilometers;
The flight duration up to 2.5 hours;
Service ceiling altitude 18000 meters;
Maximum operating overload is 9G;

MiG-29 armament:

1 x 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannon with 150 rounds;
Maximum armament weight 2180 kg;
There are 7 weapons hardpoints;


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