Questions and Answers

Where is it possible for civilians to have a MiG-29 flight and what aircrafts are available for the flight?

Until 2006, the jet fighter flight was held in Zhukovsky at LEAH. Im.Gromova, but since 2006 they have been discontinued. Today, you still have a legal unique opportunity to make a MiG29 UB flight in Nizhniy Novgorod at the “Sokol” aviation plant. The MiG 29 aircraft of airbase “Sokol” is the only jet fighter of it’s class, which provides permitted flights for civilians.

For how long do you perform MiG-29 flights and how many flights have been performed?

For more than 9 years of experience in the aerospace tourism sector we organized more than 220 MiG29 flights. During this time we have created a number of foreign and Russian sites to promote flights in the MiG-29 all over the world, we also took part in the International Tourism Fair in Berlin ITB-2011. We have successful and long working experience with Russian and foreign agencies, which offer our MiG 29 flights.

Which time of the year is the best for a MiG-29 flight performance?

You can make a MiG29 flight at any time of the year, however, in winter the aircraft can reach the higher altitude due to the thinner air. MiG-29 technical characteristics allows the jet fighter to fly in almost any weather (our tourists successfully took a flight in a snowstorm, heavy rain and b wind).

What are the specificities of booking process for MiG-29 flight?

The MiG29 flight organization is associated with obtaining Permits to visit the aviation plant "Sokol", which is a closed facility. The issuance terms of permits for MiG-29 flights and visiting the aircraft plant "Sokol" are:

• For a Russian citizen is from 7 to 14 working days;

• For foreigners is up to 65-70 working days.

Also note that the number of flights per day is limited. We do have a fairly busy flights schedule (especially in the summer), so we recommend you to plan your MiG 29 flight and submit documents in advance.

Are MiG29 flights safe?

To perform a MiG-29 demonstration flight aviation plant “Sokol” has a Government Decree, which makes them perfectly legal. The jet flights are operated by the honored pilots of Russia, who have a huge number of flight hours in various aircrafts. The MiG-29 has a regular technical inspection and sent on a routine maintenance to maintain it in a perfect condition.

Do you have insurance for the flight clients?

All of our guests who fly a MiG29 are insured for the flight time for the sum of 1 000 000 rubles. Insurance is included in the flight price.

Why MiG-29 flight is so expensive?

It is a wrong idea that MiG-29 flight price only depends on the kerosene (cost, which, is used quite briefly too, more than 3500 liters for 1 flight). Nearly 50 aviation plant employees are involved in the conduction of the MiG 29 flight; also a creation of a specific flight zone is required. Also, we need to get a number of permits before we conduct the flight, and every flight impacts the life of a jet fighter. And the cost of the MiG-29 is about 30 million dollars. All these components already derive the current value of the MiG-29 flights for civilians.

What are the health requirements for the flight in the MiG-29? Do I need to do a medical check before the flight?

Most people absolutely pass the health requirements for the MiG-29 flight. Many people compare the health requirements for an admission to a flight school with a MiG-29 flight as a passenger; it is an absolutely wrong idea.

Health restrictions are: hypertension (a pressure of more than 200), barotraumas and previous surgeries on heart, brain or spine.

Age restriction: People from 18 to 78 years qualify for the MiG-29 flight.

Height and weight restrictions: no taller than 205 cm and no heavier than 110 kg.

Pre-medical commissions are not required. You will have a medical commission for the admission to the MiG 29 flight at the airbase “Sokol”.

Have you had any accidents during MiG29 flights?

Jet fighter rides like any other extreme sports can’t be 100% safe. However, during 9 years of MiG-29 flight organizations, we haven’t had a single case of emergency which led to the flight accident. The MiG-29 jet fighter is equipped with ejection seat for the pilot and a guest and before the flight you will be shown how to use it.

How much time does preparation and the flight program take?

All the trainings and preparations, medical commissions and the flight programs take approximately 3-5 hours.

On what days the MiG-29 flights are available?

The MiG-29 flights for civilians can be performed from Monday to Friday during all the year except Russian national holidays.

What happens if I get sick during the MiG-29 flight?

Our first priority is to organize an enjoyable and comfortable MiG-29 flight for the guest. Mo one is going to bring you to fainting during the flight. That is why before the flight the guest will discuss with the pilot all the details of the flight program (your pilot will tell you about all the Aerobatics and overloads for each maneuver which he will perform in your MiG-29 flight program). During all flight you will be able to communicate with the pilot through the intercom. If the guest will become sick during the flight the pilot will switch the aircraft into relaxed mode or will land in extreme cases.

Can I take my family or friends to the aviation plant “Sokol”?

Yes, of course. You can take 1-2 people to accompany you. They will see the private air show with you onboard of a jet. Invitation for more people will be discussed individually with the guest.

What MiG-29 flight programs do you offer? Which of the programs are the most popular?

Nowadays, we offer 4 different MiG-29 flight programs for tourists: “Aerobatic Experience & Maneuvers in the MiG-29” (25 or 45 minutes), “Edge of Space and Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29” (45 minutes), “Suborbital Flight Training and Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29” (45 minutes). All these programs are not just different in performance, but also they are different in price. The most popular program is the “Edge of Space and Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29”, because this program will allow you to get the most from the MiG29 flight – you will reach the highest altitude and feel overloads during an Aerobatic performance.

Is it possible to take a picture or shoot a video with the MiG 29?

Despite the fact that the MiG-29 flights for civilians are done at the airbase “Sokol”– it still remains a sensitive site – so you are not allowed to bring over any recording devices (including mobile phones). However, you can order an additional option with videos and photos of the flight preparations, the flight itself and so on. All photo and video shooting will be done by our professional operator.

At what time do I need to arrive at the “Sokol” airbase for the MiG29 flight performance?

We suggest you to arrive at the evening to Nizhny Novgorod the day before the MiG 29 flight to have a rest before the flight day. If necessary, we can recommend or book for you a hotel. Your flight day starts at 8:30 in the morning. Our representative will pick you up and escort to the “Sokol” airbase by our vehicle.

How many flights can be performed in one day?

During one day only 3 flights can be performed and only 2 of them could be a flight to the Stratosphere. The flights are performed on a queue basis.

Is it possible to gift someone a MiG29 flight?

You can order a Gift Certificate for a MiG-29 flight. Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent. This kind of a present is suitable for both: men and women.

What else do I need to know about the MiG-29 flight?

We recommend you to have a light breakfast before the MiG29 flight (no fat food). Also, please, take an additional pair of cloth to the “Sokol” airbase to have a shower and change clothes after the super jet flight. During the flight you can easily sweat under the influence of overloads.