полеты на миг29 полеты на миг-29

Fly a Legendary MiG 29 in Russia!

Incredible MiG-29 Flights for civilians!

MiG-29 Aerobatics Adrenaline Rush

 MiG-29 Aerobatics Adrenaline Rush  MiG-29 Aerobatics Adrenaline Rush

Luxury Adventure – Fly to “Edge of Space”

Luxury Adventure – Fly to “Edge of Space” Luxury Adventure – Fly to “Edge of Space”

About MiG-29 fighter jet

The MiG 29 fighter serial production, or the «Fulcrum», as it is classified in the NATO, was launched in Soviet Union in 1982. In September 1988 the MiG-29 was first presented at the International air show in Farnborough. The MiG 29 fighter jet was designed mainly to support and defend storm troopers against the NATO fighters like F-15 and F-16. The MiG-29 was actively exported in a variety of models to more than 26 countries. This is impressive, isn’t it? Today, Russian Air Forces actively exploit 200 MiG-29 fighter jets.

MiG-29 Flights for Civilians!

The MiG29 flights are a new and interesting branch of VIP-Tourism and an exclusive activity that is now available to civilians! The process is organized on a very high level to ensure that our guests have a great time during the performance. Any citizen of the Russian Federation or a foreigner, over the age of 18 can take a flight in the MiG 29 and have an unforgettable experience of their life!  Until 2006 the flights in the MiG-29 were carried out in Moscow in the city of Zhukovsky on the airbase of LII im.Gromova.  But, since 2006 MiG-29 flights are conducted on the Nizhny Novgorod airbase "Sokol" according to the permissive Decree of the Russian Federation Government. We organize the MiG 29 flights for more than 10 years! During this period of time, we hosted more than 220 MiG-29 flights for our guests!

Don’t think that only strong and young people can fly a MiG-29!!! That’s wrong!

Most of our Russian and foreign guests who had taken a flight in the MiG 29 were aged from 50 to 70 years and didn’t have any experience of flying in a jet fighter! Approximately 25% of our guests are women! Even the weaker sex easily and bravely endures all the overloads!

The whole preparation procedure to fly a MiG 29 and the flight program will take no more than 3 hours. During this time you will have briefings from the pilot and a special training before the flight. Also, we will organize a medical commission for you to check your health condition, blood pressure, heart rate and ect. Moreover, our pilot will explain all the information about MiG29 aircraft and its cabin with all the tools.

After, you will fly in the MiG-29 and receive a Certificate from the flight commission which will be filled in by your pilot and which will include all the flight characteristics. The MiG-29 flights are carried out by honored test pilots of the Russian Federation, who have a huge experience in flight operations.

For the demonstration flights we use we use the MiG-29 UB by Aviation Plant “Sokol”, which is absolutely safe and secure!  You can fly in the MiG29 fighter jet just in Nizhny Novgorod (400km from Moscow) – it is the only place in the world where you can fly in supersonic jet fighter MiG-29 to an altitude of 18 km with supersonic speed over 2000 km/h.

MiG-29 flight programs and tours!

We offer several different flight Programs in the MiG-29 for those wishing to participate in a flight. Jet flight programs are different in duration, program elements and, of course, in price.

The most popular program among our guests is the “Edge of Space and Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29” (40-45 minutes).

This program became so popular due to its comprehensive compilation. MiG29 flight to the stratosphere consists of two parts: in the first part you are flying without overloading into the stratosphere to an altitude of 18 km going at supersonic speed and enjoying the beautiful views of our Planet, dark space and the bright sun, in the second part you will decline in the MiG-29 to a low altitude and our pilot will perform Aerobatic Maneuvers, depending on your health conditions the pilot can rise up overloads and reduce pressure.  The price for that program is *price on request.

Also, we have two “Aerobatic Experience & Maneuvers in MiG-29” programs for people who want to feel an adrenaline rush and take part in the extreme aerobatic performance! These programs are different only in duration and the price. The 25 minutes program costs *price on request and the other one which is 45 minutes is *price on request!   During these programs the pilot will perform a complex of aerobatics at low altitudes without the flight into the stratosphere. Depending on your wishes and health conditions the pilot will control the level of overloads.

We consult our clients and help them choose the best program to fly in the MiG-29, that will satisfy all their needs. You can find more information about MiG29 flight programs in the relevant sections of our website.

Moreover, we are offering 2 Trip Programs with the flight in the MiG-29 for guests who want to visit Russia as a tourist and fly in the MiG 29! Our tour programs are different in duration and in saturation of the tours.

First tour program is the “MiG-29 Flight and a 5-day trip over Moscow” in which you will see all the beauty of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod and the second program is the “MiG-29 Flight with 3 days trip over Nizhny Novgorod’ which includes the observing of the Nizhny Novgorod city with the accommodation and transfers. You can find  more information in the relevant sections of our website or you can ask us in the online chat available at our website and we will consult you about all the specifications of the tours.

Health requirements for the MiG-29 flight.

The most major medical contraindications that might be an obstacle to flying a MiG-29 are: an earlier committed heart surgery or a surgery on brain or spine, as well as heart attacks, strokes, barotraumas and hypertension (blood pressure over 200). In other cases there are no health contraindications to fly a MiG-29. We suggest you don’t do a medical check yourself before the flight, because we will conduct a medical commission at the “Sokol” airbase before you will get the access to fly in the MiG-29. Other restrictions are: Age: from 18 to 75 years; Height: no more than 2, 06 m; Weight: no more than 110 kg.

The booking process of the MiG-29 flight.

Guests must understand that we need at least 10 days for a citizen of Russian Federation to get an invitation to access the “Sokol” airbase and the minimum of 65 days to organize the same for foreigners. All flights are conducted on a prepaid basis. We recommend you the following sequence of actions: select a MiG-29 flight Program, think about the flight date that suits you the best including the above information (except Saturday and Sunday) and write us an e-mail with a description of the desired service and the date of the flight.

Would you like to fly in the MiG-29? If yes, please contact us at our Online Chat and we will coordinate your future steps to order your program and fly a MiG29!